Thursday, October 23, 2014

GoldenAussie Spirit

Breeder of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd dogs - Lover of Portuguese Water Dog

Estoril Dog Show 2011

This weekend was my little Australian Shepherd debut in the Dog Show world.
It was an experience that started to be very strange for my little puppy and ended to be very enriching, since it was the first time he saw so many different dogs, so many people and walked so long with a leash.
His [...]

Back Stage of a Dog Show – 3º Chapter “Final Preparations”

Continuing our last two weeks topics with the start at the Planning of a Dog Show, following List of Items necessary to take to a Dog Show we now go to the last details before we get in the car and go.
1º Training
As you can guess, at this time we already have some weeks of [...]

Trip to the Fluviário de Mora

In order to enjoy four days of rest and improve our knowledge and culture we decided to visit the Fluviário de Mora.
Since a long car journey was involved I decided to take Teco, Australian Shepherd, and Bianca, Golden Retriever, since their personalities are more fit to long trips in the middle of people in the [...]

14.º Troféu de Agility FNA/FR - 1º place in class 1

Angel, my crazy red merle Australian Shepherd achieved in agility 1º place in Standard Class 1

Still not the desired excellent … but a good push for us to continue the work

Other activities:

3º Obedience Trophy - Teco - 1º in Class II
agility weekend in Montijo
Cãoguros Agility 10º Open
Demos in VI Animal Show
Herding with an [...]


Portuguese Water Dog Figo

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